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Staying Healthy, EJK, Studio and centers.

In class this week we worked in choice time on finishing up and sharing what we have learned about medical jobs, health and nutrition and how to stay healthy. Students in centers have been creating how to videos with tips, have gone to other classes to teach them and have even made posters to put up in the school to teach and remind others.

You can see students making a circle map to show how to stay healthy and above the sink a hand washing paper to remind students to wash their hands.

In centers we also worked on and will continue to work on  making calming down bottles. The students took water bottles and filled them with warm water, glitter, corn starch , food coloring, gorilla glue and tape. The bottles are a way to help students calm down and even refocus themselves as they need to finish work or even a tool to use to help them fall asleep. They really enjoyed them and will continue to finish making next week. IMG_5173

Here you see Z and others making the bottles.

Another thing that happened this week was we started our residency studio art program. Miss Cythinia will be coming every Wednesday to teach the class different art projects. This week the class focused on a specific pencil type and then worked with the pencil strokes to create different lines and then pictures with the lines.

In class this week we finished our writing . The students were able to use paint, crayons, and collage materials to create their covers for their stories. The covers were done in the way their mentor author Ezra Jack Keats does his art work, just like in the book the snowy day. They loved using different paper, photos and glue to create their covers. We will celebrate the writing on Monday.

You can see some examples of the covers they made.

In reading we will finish up our fluency unit by looking at special font types in texts, and in word work we are continuing with vocabulary , compound words and syllables. In math we will continue to work on problem solving with a focus on breaking down problems, modeling with a picture and then work on sketching out our work and using words to write down how we get to an answer.

On Friday we had L’s dad come to help out during centers and game day Friday’s and then we had buddy reading with Ms. K’s class.

IMG_5176Here we had L’s dad work with the block building group.

We also had the aquarium visit us this week, and students had a chance to look and study animals from the ocean and they had a chance to touch and observe a sea urchin.

With the aquarium visit this will help students get ready for our upcoming nonfiction writing and reading and writing unit of nonfiction.

This Friday is also the 100th day of school and also Valentines Day .

Lunar New Year, Queens Zoo, and Centers

This week we had a parent come and teach us how to make dumplings. The parent has two children at our school and they are in K and 2nd grade. J’s mom came and showed the class how to make the dumplings, and then we boiled the dumplings in class and tried them the next day. We wanted to start our week off talking about Lunar New Year, and one way come cultures celebrate is to make dumplings. Students learned that Lunar New Year includes many different countries from Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and many other countries in Asia.

Here you can see students and J’s mom making the dumplings.

In choice time this week we created lions and dragons to  celebrate the Lunar New Year. This thursday we will have a celebration in the school with the 3rd graders and Mrs. Kim coming through the halls to celebrate the New Year with dances and singing. Students in class used art materials and boxes to make their own dragons to give to the 3rd graders. Students also this week continue to study more parts of the human skeletal system and the brain. In blocks they have gone back to looking at cities and have started to create their own with books, art materials and blocks.


In writing we have continued to work with our mentor author Ezra Jack Keats. Students are starting to add in what he does as an author to his own writing. This week we worked on exciting beginnings, and using dashes to slow the reader down. This upcoming week we will focus one sound words, repetition and different punctuation.

In reading we are working on fluency which is not about reading really fast or slow, but the focus is on the mood of the story, repetition, rhyming words, skipping words and going back to reread, reading in a smooth voice, changing our voices to sound like the characters, and reading with attention to questions and different types of punctuation.

In word work we are working with compound words, example base and ball put it together and you get baseball. We are working with vocabulary of items in the house and jobs in the house, and also working on blends and sight words.

In math we are working on addition and subtraction with a focus on word problems. We are working on strategies, models and being able to visualize and then being able to sketch the problem, say it back , show a model , then make a number sentence and then finally explain how we get our answers. We are also playing math games to support he work we are doing with number story problems.

We went to the Queens Zoo on Friday. We learned about mammals which will help us when we get to our nonfiction writing unit. Students had the chance to also see black bears, seals and learn about reptiles and birds.

Photos from our trip at the Zoo

On Friday Miss Linda our Fan4Kids teacher came to teach about the Lunar New Year and read and show the students items that are special to her. Miss. Linda celebrates the new year but in a little different way as she has family from Taiwan.

Students also made dragons and rats for the year of the rat! Happy New Year to those that celebrate!

Happy New Year and New Learning

This week as we finished up our full week back from the holiday break, students worked on finishing up their How To Writing unit. They celebrated their How To’s with each other . They will now move on to our author mentor unit. The students will be looking at books written by Ezra Jack Keats. They will be using his books to incorporate the different things he does as a writer into their own writing. In reading we finished up our unit on learning about inferences, visualizing and learning how to retell with important details. Students also were able to really look at characters and worked on how they feel, what they look like and also on asking more questions about what they feel and do in the texts that they are in. After we finished celebrating we then worked on partner reading with Ms. K’s kindergarten class. Each Friday we will continue to do buddy or partner reading with the kindergarten students.

Here you can see students reading with there K buddies.

In choice time, before the break we were working on a medical study. We started with working on studying what doctors do and other medical professionals. Even though I thought the study had started to come to a end, with the new materials provided students have now started looking at babies, and also therapy centers for physical therapy. Before the break, Mrs. Esposito stopped in to talk to the class about her her broken foot. She brought in x-rays and also this week gave us her crutches to add to our pediatrician office. Students also made a new play dough material. They used 2 cups of cornstarch, one cup of conditioner and then mixed it together. After mixing it a lot it forms a dough  material. They then took balloons and put the material inside. With this they created a physical therapy center and also stress balls to give out to students to help them out. They will continue to create these this week. They also continue to work with second grade on Wednesdays. In Ms. Valco’s class they have been working on similar centers and also she has added in a yoga center too!

In math we are moving on to word problems in addition and subtractions. Students first listen to a story, then tell it back to help with comprehension. They then sketch out the problem and then put in a key. After they make a model and then they add in the number sentence, followed by writing and explaining how they get to answer. This helps in understanding rather than memorizing the problems. They are also working on if I have 10 people on a bus, they show on the math rack, then 5 get on  they should be able to show 15 after on the math rack and now just show 5. They are working on part to whole.

In word study we are continuing with spelling patterns using -at endings, -it endings, -ot endings, and -ut endings. If you can spell mat you can take the m out and then put in a s to make sat and so on.

Students will start to work on creating things for the Lunar New Year which is January 25, 2020. There is no school on January 20,2020 because it is MLK Day. Have a great week and don’t forget games are due back tomorrow and take home books.

Inquiry and more in the classroom

We recently went on a trip to the Queens County Farm Museum. During our trip we were able to learn all about How to Shear a Sheep. During this trip it helped to launch our new writing unit, which is all about how to do something, make something, and or teach someone how to make or create something. Students were able to learn how wool from a sheep is sheared and then turned into to yarn to use for fabric and sewing. Students even had the chance to practice this on their own and even weave the materials.

Here you can see the students learning about the process of making wool and also learning the steps it takes to create wool from a sheep. This helped make the new writing unit come to life.

Another way we worked on writing our How To’s which now include a warning, tip and extra details this year was a fun Thanksgiving pumpkin pudding recipe. We made it as a whole class then we had the opportunity to write it together to help with the writing process.

Here you can see the students making the recipe. They used pumpkin, cinnamon , milk and pudding mix to create the recipe.

We will continue this study of How  To’s until the holiday break.

In reading we are working on relating more to the characters and also working on retelling with attention to details. Students are also acting out the stories and changing their voices to sound more like the characters.

In our morning program as we continue our inquiry study of health and doctors, we continue to work with the second graders in Mrs. Valcos class. We have been working on vocabulary as trachecardia, ekg, and also identifying and learning more about different parts of the skeletal system. We opened up a hospital in the dramatic play/block area, created organ diagrams in the play dough center, and with Donors Choose donations, we have started to look at broken bones on X-Rays, and also learned how to label the parts of the skeletal system. We are working on learning about the respiratory system, and the parts of the respiratory system. Students have also started to create an ambulance out of recycling materials and they even have created lungs where they breathe into them to show the breathing process and what happens when we breathe in and out .

Here you can see students researching different parts of the body, using the light table to look at xrays making it into a xray machine, creating lungs and also using play dough to show different organs. Some students even sketched out different images of bones that are no longer broken. Through the study we are working on learning more vocabulary and even have started to say the words in more than one language.

Here you can see an ambulance being created and organs within our bodies.

In math we are working on a new exploration called the double decker bus. Students listened to a story about passengers getting on a bus. The bus can only hold 20 people and only 10 can go on the top and 10 on the bottom. The goal is to get them to understand how to look at a number like 12 and see that 10 and 2 more is an easier way to make 12 rather than 6 and 6. Part of 12 is 10 and then two more. We are continuing this work , working with numbers up to 20.

Don’t forget the book fair is this Wednesday. If you are buying books make sure to label an envelope with your child’s selections.

Medical Study, Shapes in Math and Writing Celebration

This week we finished up our writing unit which was Personal Narratives. In this writing unit, students wrote extraordinary stories and focused in on punctuation, meaning, and also making their stories real and with excitement. We were introduced to past tense verbs, exciting words and even how to make our pictures look more realistic. On Friday we celebrated our writing by finishing it up by sharing it with our classmates. We will now move on to How to writing in our next writing unit.

Here you see students reading their stories to each other.

We also read and discussed our book of the month Drawn to you. The book shows how a little boy communicates with his grandfather, even though his grandfather does not speak English. We then discussed and made a class book about how we can communicate with family members even if we both don’t speak the same language. IMG_3135 (1)

One student K said she can communicate by acting it out.

This week we also had L’s dad come and talk to us about his job at the hospital. On Wednesdays we work with Ms. Valco’s 2nd grade students to collaborate on a heath and wellness study, which has turned into each class learning more about the medical field and learning how to add this into our own classrooms. The students were able to ask questions and learn more about what doctors do.

Below you can see L’s dad talking to the class.

After they wrote him thank you cards to send home.



From the visit students started to create their own doctor’s office and emergency room in the classroom. IMG_3317

The photo above is from our work with Ms. Valco’s second grade. You can see E in the doctor’s office.

Students then worked on making a circle map about what they know about nurses, researched how to build a ambulance, and then made a sink and skeleton of the body in choice time.

In math we are finishing up our exploration of angles, sides, corners, and shapes. We have learned how to give each other directions to make shapes using words as straight, diagonal, left, right, turns, angles and sides. We have been working on using math shapes to create shapes with directional words and vocabulary of polygons. We then used shape polygons to create our own shape picture with a focus on using math vocabulary to explain what we did.

We will start new reading and writing this week and will finish our math unit on Wednesday. After the break we will work on doubles plus.

Tomorrow is our field trip and we will be outside. Make sure to dress accordingly with the weather, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Games, Centers, and More!

This week we worked on more team building and discussed different holidays. We learned about Diwali the festival of lights and V’s mom came in a taught the class about the holiday which is celebrated in India. We also learned about El Dia De Los Muertos a holiday celebrated in Mexico and other parts of the world. Students made skulls for that holiday and we made Rongoli mats and Dias for the Diwali holiday.

We also celebrated Halloween this week. Students were able to decorate pumpkins in choice time, make Jack-o-Lanterns, and had the chance to go to the Fall Festival.

This week we continued to work on our extraordinary stories and we also have started working on more word solving strategies in reading and rhyming in word study. We also in math have been playing math games and working on adding with patterns and adding on to groups of ten. We also made a fun Halloween Fall Snack mix and did more cooking during choice time.


On Fridays we play different games. Once students are able to play the games and understand how to teach others they will be able to take them home. They are playing, Candyland, Jenga, Uno, Hungry Hippo, Mancala, Topple, and Trouble.


On Sunday the NYC Marathon was going on . Miss. Tu, Miss. Tina, and Miss. Lalita all ran in the marathon. If you see them this week make sure to say Congratulations to the three of them. Also as a reminder there is no school on Tuesday the 5th for election day.

A new week of learning

This week we started our new writing unit. We have been working on exciting stories and how they are different from everyday stories. We have started our planning process which is first say the story out loud then use the thinking map the flow map to plan out each part of the story with a focus on details and more than just a quick beginning middle and then end.  We discussed how eating a special snack is exciting and eating lunch would be everyday. We talked about going on a vacation is exciting and playing outside we do everyday. Students want to write stories that are exciting.

We also have been adding in new blocks, art materials, and students have really shown great interest in holding and observing the walking sticks. We have learned that some of them their legs have come off and others are getting much bigger.

L’s dad reading to the class.

J’s mom helps us make our applesauce.

We also had L’s dad come and read aloud to the class this week a great story about an engineer, and J’s mom came and helped us make applesauce as we introduced our new cooking center in choice time. We also had animals in the classroom from Alley Pond. We had a snake, a bird, a lizard and a bunny.

In math we have started playing math games and this is helping students understand part to whole and also adding and taking away by one. For example if I have 6 cubes how many is my partner hiding if my target number is 12. We are working on using mathematical language as 6 plus 6 equals 12.

In word study we are working on onsets and rhymes and also working on word families and syllables.

We have the fall festival on Wednesday and for Halloween students can bring costumes to school to change into. They can not wear masks or any weapons.

Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy Diwali to those that celebrate the holiday.

New units and a Field trip

This week we finished up our writing all about ourselves. In this unit students were able to use resources in the room, learned new vocabulary and worked on making sure they used capitals and periods. With our first unit students learned about positive feedback and worked with glows and grows on how to help us become better writers for the rest of the school year.  Students celebrated by sharing their work with their classmates. Our next unit we will work on Wow story events and write about a exciting time to create a story with a clear beginning middle and end.

Here students celebrate their writing by sharing with each other what they wrote.

In reading we are finishing up our first unit where students have been working on choosing books not just on their level but books they love and want to read . Our goal is not the level but being able to read all books and love books. We have been working on partner reading and asking questions to each other about books they love.


Here O and M discuss a book together. The post its help learners find the pages they want to discuss quicker which leads to longer conversations.

We also went on our first field trip this week to the Queens Botanical Garden. Students explored and learned about leaves, trees and bees. They completed the trip by making a fall leaf picture with the leaves they collectd, special paper and were then able to take them home and also go back to the classroom and add another project to the art center.

In choice time students are still working with the walking sticks. They have started to explore other insects that look like walking sticks. We will begin a study soon on being healthy and this will branch out into cooking, writing and also exploring parts of being healthy. This will include, jobs about health, foods, and even activities that keep us healthy. We will be joining a second grade class once a week to join together to start an in-depth study.


This week we have Alley Pond coming to teach the students about animals and insects. We will also work on tying shoes and making sure we continue to work on becoming more and more independent.

Our classroom community

This week in class we discussed feelings and how to tell the difference between reporting and solving problems on our own. Students listened to the book of the month book In My Heart and we discussed different feelings and emotions. We have also discussed personality traits to help us finish up our first writing unit in which students wrote all about themselves. In word study we are working on sound boxes and stretching out sounds across words to help with spelling. We are also focusing on at patterns in our words.

In our reading we have been working on strategies to help us You can also work on these at home.

  • Reread to make sure it sounds smooth.
  • Look at the pictures if you get stuck.
  • Use the beginning letter sound to help figure out tricky words.
  • Point under the words.
  • Chooses books you love to read and read with a strong voice.

In writing we are finishing up our unit by making covers. We worked on basic sentences this unit and focused on strategies to help us. We worked on learning about that sentences start with a capital and end with a period. We worked on wow words and we also worked on making sure we are labeling our pictures and making sure we keep adding to the pictures to make our work look realistic We have been working on adding facial features.

In math we have been working on making number combinations with the number 8. Starting with 8 on the top and 0 on the bottom. 7 on the top and 1 on the bottom and then 6 and 2 and 5 and 3 and 4 and 4 and then 3 and 5 and 2 and  6 and continuing on to make all the ways to get to 8. We will be moving on to working on combinations of 10.

Here are ways to practice at home

  • 8+0=8
  • 7+1=8
  • 6+2=8
  • 5+3=8
  • 4+4=8
  • 3+5=8
  • 2+6=8
  • 1+7=8
  • 0+8=8

In choice time we have been working on making play dough and also having the students do more on their own. We even had another parent come in to help out and we added more materials to our light center and blocks. Students have also been really excited about our walking sticks and we are still working on sending them home to take care of them and we will be continuing to look and observe more animals.

Here are some photos from our class. Have a great week and don’t forget to check our updated section on important dates coming up.

New Centers, and New learning

This week we continued to work on routines and rules and we started to learn even more about each other. In our morning meeting we have begun to learn how to say good morning in many different languages and we are greeting each other at the door with a hug, a elbow or a dance. With this the students are feeling welcome into the classroom and learning to feel more comfortable with their classmates too. At home you can ask them to say good morning to you in another language.

We also finished our book shades of us and completed our portraits for our art wall. We discussed how we are all really just shades of each other and when mixed it makes a beautiful classroom community.


This week in word work we received our notebooks and focused on learning how to use our shared reading poems to put in our poetry notebooks which are a reading material for students to read during reading workshop. We also focused in on names and recognizing how to put them in alphabetical order and also we focused in on beginning sounds and syllables to help us break things down to spell by using sounds we hear and know.

The chart with the names will help students with their writing . We read the book Be kind and discussed all the ways to be kind. We worked on logical consequences :

  1. you break something you fix it.
  2. if you make a mistake say your sorry.
  3. if you do not do your work then you will have to finish during other fun activities.
  4. We also have been working on ways to be calm and practice daily yoga and mindfulness activities. At home you can ask your child to share these with you .
  5. IMG_1777.jpg

In writing this week we read the book I like Me. Students have started to create thinking maps to describe what they like, and have. They also are writing about their families and things they like. This week we will work on taking what they put down in the maps into sentences with a focus on capitals, spaces and periods and attention to details in their pictures and sentences.

In math we continued to explore the math tools we will use this year and played counting to 20 which will be in their homework this week. We used the reckon wrack to make combinations of 5 and 10. We will be moving into starting story problems and working on combinations of 8 and 10’s and looking for patterns to help us with addition.

In choice time we were introduced to a new pet in the classroom. We now not only have fish and snails but also walking stick insects. Students were really excited and have begun to create wondering post’s and also work on studying them. We also introduced the doll house center and puzzle center too.  We also added in books to have students make books in the writing center.

We also have a student observer who will be helping us out a few days a week too.


walking sticks student c is observing and thinking of wonderings.

We also have been going out to recess more and students were able to use the sand and blocks this way. They even were able to see that one of our trees have grown some apples. IMG_1813

In reading students have been working on the routines of reading workshop and with the donations from Donors Choose they are able to choose comfy reading spots. They also had the chance to book shop and the focus this year will be on having the students pick out books they love to read and less on the levels. With the books they chose they will be able to enjoy reading more and become readers who love reading. They went book shopping and chose their favorites. When we meet in guided reading groups we will work on their levels to help them with skills and strategies.

Also this year we will be studying all types of authors and books and this month it is Spanish Heritage month until October 15. We will be reading more books that have authors who are hispanic and this will also help students to be able to find these authors in the library and also understand that they too could be an author one day. We are also working on making sure students can see themselves in these books. One book we will read this week will be the following. IMG_1804 (1).png

As we go through the year we will be able to have a collection of authors from all cultures.

We will also get homework this week. It will not be a lot but the warm weather I encourage your children to get outside and play and even read outside. Don’t forget there is no school next Monday and Tuesday and Raz kids will be sent home this week. Have a great week.