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Final Month

There has been a lot of exciting work and learning going on over the past few weeks. Students have grown so much this year and they are doing such great things in the classroom. We are still studying our snails and we also are still working with the hair salon. Students have begun to have conversations about what is happening next school year and they have started to make a friendship center. Students have been working on making different friendship bracelets for their friends and also bead bracelets.


Students have been working on this type of friendship bracelet. Another area we have been working on for choice time is sewing. Students learned many stitches and now are able to make things on their own.


We also have had two field trips and two shows in the past few weeks. Students saw a magic show the other day and they were also able to see a puppet show , a singing show and a play. IMG_8797

This unit in reading we are finishing up with poetry and in writing we looked at writing for many purposes and students learned how to write persuasive letters, friendly letters, cards and signs for a persuasive purpose. The focus was on playground safety and also making the classroom cleaner.

Students also had a exercise for books for health and nutrition week. They had to do ten of each exercise given by the teachers to get a book.


In math we have started to end things but are finishing up with sorting with many categories as texture, other ways besides color and shape and size, design and other ways created by the students. We also are working on harder problem stories, money and time.

Students used the buttons after we worked with seashells.

Happy EID to the families that are celebrating. Make sure to look at the important dates to remember what we have for the rest of the school year. Thanks so much!

Realistic Fiction, and Hair

This week in class we finished up our writing unit which was Realistic Fiction. Students started the unit by making up their own character that was the same age as them and then created a problem that could really happen followed with a solution. They shared their stories with their classmates and other teachers on Friday to celebrate the work that they have been doing. They focused in a lot on editing and also on creating real life stories with made up characters. In their studio program they also have been creating their characters with paper an ink to go along with their stories. \

In the pictures you can see the students sharing their stories and also the work that was done.

In math students have been working on organizing and collecting data in the classroom . They have been working on organizing groups into tens and then taking the tens and making them into groups of five. Example if I have 20 blocks in a bag that is equal to two groups of ten and then five groups of four. We are also focusing in on continuing to break down numbers and looking for the tens in the numbers. We will continue this through this week. We also look at the number 23 and discuss their are 2 groups of 10 and 3 ones to make the number 23.

In studio this week students worked on print making to help them get ready to add details and prints to their people next week.

IMG_8370 (1)

In class on Friday we had T’s mom come and teach the class about Ramadan and the students learned about the holiday and how it is celebrated. T’s family members including his brother and sisters came to talk about the holiday too.


This week in choice time students have become interested in hair colors and also types of hair styles. They noticed teachers have different color hair and different styles and textures. They have started to create surveys and even had teachers, themselves and the principal come in to their hair salon to try out the color station we have started.

This study will continue with more research on how salons are set up  a possible salon visit and the continuation of how salons use math and technology. Students will continue to set this up and practice.

In word study we are still working on blends, and also the silent e at the end of words. we are working on syllables and contractions and in editing sentences.

Have a great week !

Measurement, Studio, and Trips

This week in math we finished up our measurement unit, by figuring out how to use cuisenaire rods to make a fence. Each white square is 1 cm. Students needed to take different color rods and figure out how to build a fence with an orange rod. The orange rod is 10 cm. With that they used a yellow rod which is five and added to it another yellow rod to create the same length for a fence. They used the rods to create different combinations to build a fence with the same length but used different colors to create the same length. We will start our organizing and collecting unit this week. IMG_7793

In the photo you can see a learner measuring different rods to create a fence.

In writing we have been working on characters and realistic fiction stories. In our studio art program students have been working on making their characters in art to go along with their realistic fiction story characters. They finished the heads this week and after the break they will be working on the bodies.

In reading and choice time we are working with kindergarten students in Miss. K’s class. During reading students have been working on opinion reading and discussions. In choice time our love of taking things apart have emerged into a new study on robots and making robots in the classroom. Miss Tashina has also been joining us with two second grade students to do sewing in choice time. Students will work on this again to learn how to make things with sewing.





This week we also took a trip to the Queens Botanical Garden. On the trip students learned all about plants and how we eat so many plants everyday. They learned about the flowers and plants at the garden, and they also were able to plant their own vegetables and try different plants.

Have a great week!

Nonfiction writing, new centers and partner reading.

We just celebrated our nonfiction writing unit by sharing out with each other what we wrote and we discussed all the great things we noticed and also how we can help each other work on different strategies to help us as we move forward into our realistic fiction unit.

Here are samples of the students non -fiction work, from the written work to the titles and cover pages and table of contents.

We will now move into realistic fiction in our upcoming writing unit.

In choice time students have now moved into using paper mache, and the take apart center. They also have been working on using more art materials to add details based upon the

Here you can see the students working on adding in lines, and details to help them work on their drawing.

Here you can see students studying parts of machines and learning how to take out the pieces and think about how machines work and what makes machines work. IMG_7644

Here you can see students setting up the computer to continue to work on it tomorrow to learn more about parts and machines.

Here you see students working on taking apart a keyboard and discussing what is inside of it. With the parts we are not sure what will come next, but a possible study on robots.

Also in class we launched our measurement unit, in which students will be working on using different types of measuring tools to look at accurate measurements, distance, meters, centimeters and also how to figure out how to build a fence with different standard tools used to measure.

Students are working on measuring with their feet, cubes and also rulers.

We also started buddy reading with Miss. K’s class. We are going to continue to work in K to help the younger learners read with helping them out.

Here you can see photos from buddy reading.

Art, Non-Fiction, and more

This week in studio we focused in on using oil pastels again and we also worked on using different shading techniques and lines. Miss. Kate has been working with the students on using a variety of lines to create different pieces of artwork. She has also worked with the students on drawing animals with a focus on shading and using light and dark colors together. Students used the oil pastels to draw animals that they have been studying in their non-fiction writing unit.

Here you can see the work the class is doing and the types of lines they have been using in their work.

In math we finished up working on number stories and we will be moving on to measurement and learning how to measure with a focus on the story Farms and Fences. IMG_7216

This chart is a way we solve math number stories and can be used to help your child at home.

We are also finishing up our nonfiction writing this week and we will be moving on to realistic fiction writing.

In reading we will be moving on to working on opinions and connections.

In word work we will be continuing to work on long vowels and short vowels. For example in the word can when we add in an e at the end to a word with a it makes the long vowel sound; for example in came.

Thank you families for attending conferences and have a great week!

Fish , Nonfiction, and Studio

The students have been working on observing fish and studying nonfiction in our classroom. The students have been looking at the fish and also observing snails. From class conversations and observations students had been asking when new fish would arrive and how we could get more fish for our fish tank and also if snails could be put in our tank. From this conversation we then took a trip to Petco where we learned about fish, guinea pigs, birds and other animals. Students were also able to learn about pricing and taking care of pets , and they also were able to incorporate math and counting in this tool.

Here you can see the students observing birds and fish and they learned how to take care of the fish from the worker teaching the students. They also were able to observe turtles. IMG_8220

At the end of the trip we took a class photo!

Also this week we added in new games to our choice time center. Students have been very engaged in games and learning how to play new games. We introduced mouse trap and a new light game for students to add to their centers.

Here you can see the students playing mouse trap and also students playing with the new light bright.

We also started our studio residency with Miss. Kate. She will be joining us each friday to do art with the students and teach the students how to use different art materials to create different pieces of artwork. This week they started with pencils and drawing with different lines. This was a way to introduce the class to using different pencils that artists use and different erase materials.

Next week we will look at using other art materials. We will finish up our nonfiction reading and writing units and move on to writing realistic fiction and reading with realistic fiction. Have a safe snow day tomorrow and this will be updated again soon.

Lunar New Year, Nonfiction, Ezra Jack Keats and Cooking

This week we celebrated the Lunar New Year. We discussed countries that celebrate the holiday, made different decorations and cards for the holiday and we even watched the Third graders do a small dragon parade in the school.

Here you see Miss Kim and some third graders celebrating in the hallway.

In our class we have been discussing what we know about cooking and we closed up our study by writing out what we have learned. We will still continue to cook and make things in the classroom, but we will be moving on to study fish and artists who use fish in their artwork. We used a smoothie maker with fruit to take the fruit and then once it goes through the machine it turns into a healthy version of ice-cream.


Students made surveys and then calculated with their math how many of each type of fruit they needed to make and also how many cups and spoons.

In our writing we finished up our author study of Ezra Jack Keats. The focus was on his style of writing and we also looked at how he uses different art mediums in his work. Students then used different collage materials to create their covers so that they were able to look like the work of the author we studied. This week we shared out our work and celebrated with each other.

Here you can see a cover and also students working on their covers.

Here you can see the writing inside and more covers.

In our writing we are now moving into nonfiction work which goes along with the new reading. Students had the opportunity to do partner work , during this time they worked on asking questions and looking more at the pictures with a lense of a scientist.


Another collage cover inspired by EJK>


A and J asking questions and looking closely at photos.

more of our writing

In our word study we are focusing in on blends and looking at different words. We used cards to play a game of go fish to help students work on matching different words with different beginning blends of pl, fl and bl.


Students K, A, and A play together

In other centers we are moving on to study artist who use different art medium like EJK. These artists include: Paul Klee, and Joan Miro.

They also use collage and I am looking forward to seeing where this study goes.


Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Lunar New Year to those celebrating. I will update the blog after break.

Restaurant, Fish, and New Learning

This past week we continued to explore how restaurants work and what restaurants need. We discussed and shared what we wanted to cook and make in the classroom. We discussed healthy and non-healthy snacks. As a class we voted and decided this upcoming week we would make smoothies with fruit and vegetables. We also continued our fish exploration and study and found out our guppies had babies and we now have 10 fish in the tank compared to the seven we started with. Students have become very interested in watching the fish grow and now have their own research center in which they look up information on the labtop. They have researched types of guppies, what guppies need to live and they found out what other fish they can put in our fish tank. This week we will continue this and look for a way to get to the pet store soon to get our  new fish.


Here you can see L researching fish on the computer.

Another center introduced was the foam center. Similar to playdough students used the foam to make different art pieces and then displayed them for classmates to see.

Students also continue to make jewelry in the bead center. In the light table they started to create a maze and added marbles to create their own game. In blocks thanks to donors choose we were able to add in the legos to create a whole city/town.

In class something new that we have been working on our conversation journals. In the journals I write to each student and then they write back to me. This helps them with spelling, handwriting, and a way to formulate sentences. We also finished up our fluency unit, which included: reading the whole sentence and not just words, attention to vowel patterns and also attention to ed endings and word clusters; reading with attention to font size and changing our voice to match the font with attention to the pictures too. We are now going to move into Non Fiction reading.

In writing we are still working on writing like Ezra Jack Keats who wrote The Snowy Day. We planned out the story and added in sound words, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out words to read it slow, large words, different punctuation as ;, :.” and even large details in the photos. We will finish this week and then move to non fiction writing.  We also are using check it dots they include checking for details in pictures, correct punctuation, capitals, word wall and spacing as well as looking at does the story have a clear beginning, middle and end.

In word work we are still working on word families as at, et, ing, ung, and we also are looking at blends as pr, br, spr, and we are working on how vowels sound with oo, ou, and ow.

In math we will finish up our double decker bus with attention to addition and subtraction with teen numbers. We look at how 8+5=13 and we can make it easier by taking the 8 and adding 2 more to the top . The two comes from the five which then leaves 3 on the bottom getting the same answer and being able to solve problems with a focus on tens and fives.

On friday outside since it was nice out Mr. Andy let the students use his bubble wands to blow bubbles which may cause an excitement in a water/ice center this week.


Happy New Year!

Before the break we ended up finishing up 2018 with reading with expression and reading like characters. We worked on finishing and teaching others how to do things and how to make things. We also took a trip to California Pizza Kitchen to culminate our how to unit and we had a parent come in and teach us how to make dumplings. Students also worked on problem solving and double digit addition with facts adding to tens and plus one more from ten. As we come back and start 2019 we will celebrate our how to’s with each other this week and celebrate the character unit.

Getting back into the school routine can be tough but with a few days back as we revisit routines and rules we should be right back on track. To help your child try to send them to bed a little earlier if they have been staying up later over the break and make sure they get a good breakfast either at home or at school. Continue to review sight words and work on sentences and making their sentences more detailed. This week we do not have homework so you can work on drawing with more details, work on addition facts up to 20 and continue to read each night. I look forward to seeing you all this week and Happy New Year. We will also continue to work on our restaurant study in choice time and I look forward to seeing what other projects or explorations will be started as we come back this week. Below are photos from before break. Don’t forget to return games and also if your child has a plastic backpack they can keep it with the materials for the week to share with your family. Have a great week ahead and don’t forget to check the dates section to see what we have going on in January.

In these photos one is from the center Miss Maggie had for when she taught about the three holidays Hanukkah, Kwanazaa, and Christmas. The second photo is of L showing his how to cover.

More holiday center photos.

Above you can see the new games being played from Donors Choose, J’s mom teaching how to make dumplings and students working on their covers for their How to’s.

Photos from our trip and making our holiday oreo candy.

How To’s , Retell and Holidays

As we are in the month of December there are many holidays coming up and we started out our week last week discussing Hanukkah. We talked about how it is celebrated, symbols and we learned about how to play the Dreidel Game. As we continue the month of December we will learn about  The Three Kings Day, Kwanzaa, and also discuss Christmas. For Hanukkah we made Menorahs in the art center in choice time.

This week in choice time we added  more beads to our bead center, new light tiles to the light table and we even worked on building higher and taller buildings in blocks. We also have been working on looking at restaurants and we have tried to make a restaurant in the dramatic play center. Students have created menus and they have also worked on vocabulary as chopping, cutting, slicing and cooking. We also discussed recipes to help us make for the restaurant and some students designed their own register to check out orders.



In our reading we are working on connecting with the characters in the texts we read and we have been working on how to think like the characters, sound like the characters and also we worked on retelling the story with the use of characters names, problem, solution and conflict resolution.

In writing we have been working on how to writing and we have been working on how to make things. This week we worked on adding in an intro page and we also had J’s dad come in and do a how to paint with brushes and different paints and he also showed the students painting from his own parents. The materials were then left in the room to try out during choice time.

In math we have been working on doubles plus one and how to get to an answer with the questions we ask in class as how do you know, and where do you see it? How does __________________– help with __________________________.

In word work we are working on word endings with ing and ed, and we are still focused on word patterns, and capitals and periods.

We also got our class photo back and we hung it on our door!


Have a great week and don’t forget our family workshop is December 18th. If you did not return the paper we are only planning for those that sent the form back.