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Games, Centers, and More!

This week we worked on more team building and discussed different holidays. We learned about Diwali the festival of lights and V’s mom came in a taught the class about the holiday which is celebrated in India. We also learned about El Dia De Los Muertos a holiday celebrated in Mexico and other parts of the world. Students made skulls for that holiday and we made Rongoli mats and Dias for the Diwali holiday.

We also celebrated Halloween this week. Students were able to decorate pumpkins in choice time, make Jack-o-Lanterns, and had the chance to go to the Fall Festival.

This week we continued to work on our extraordinary stories and we also have started working on more word solving strategies in reading and rhyming in word study. We also in math have been playing math games and working on adding with patterns and adding on to groups of ten. We also made a fun Halloween Fall Snack mix and did more cooking during choice time.


On Fridays we play different games. Once students are able to play the games and understand how to teach others they will be able to take them home. They are playing, Candyland, Jenga, Uno, Hungry Hippo, Mancala, Topple, and Trouble.


On Sunday the NYC Marathon was going on . Miss. Tu, Miss. Tina, and Miss. Lalita all ran in the marathon. If you see them this week make sure to say Congratulations to the three of them. Also as a reminder there is no school on Tuesday the 5th for election day.

A new week of learning

This week we started our new writing unit. We have been working on exciting stories and how they are different from everyday stories. We have started our planning process which is first say the story out loud then use the thinking map the flow map to plan out each part of the story with a focus on details and more than just a quick beginning middle and then end.  We discussed how eating a special snack is exciting and eating lunch would be everyday. We talked about going on a vacation is exciting and playing outside we do everyday. Students want to write stories that are exciting.

We also have been adding in new blocks, art materials, and students have really shown great interest in holding and observing the walking sticks. We have learned that some of them their legs have come off and others are getting much bigger.

L’s dad reading to the class.

J’s mom helps us make our applesauce.

We also had L’s dad come and read aloud to the class this week a great story about an engineer, and J’s mom came and helped us make applesauce as we introduced our new cooking center in choice time. We also had animals in the classroom from Alley Pond. We had a snake, a bird, a lizard and a bunny.

In math we have started playing math games and this is helping students understand part to whole and also adding and taking away by one. For example if I have 6 cubes how many is my partner hiding if my target number is 12. We are working on using mathematical language as 6 plus 6 equals 12.

In word study we are working on onsets and rhymes and also working on word families and syllables.

We have the fall festival on Wednesday and for Halloween students can bring costumes to school to change into. They can not wear masks or any weapons.

Have a wonderful week ahead and Happy Diwali to those that celebrate the holiday.

New units and a Field trip

This week we finished up our writing all about ourselves. In this unit students were able to use resources in the room, learned new vocabulary and worked on making sure they used capitals and periods. With our first unit students learned about positive feedback and worked with glows and grows on how to help us become better writers for the rest of the school year.  Students celebrated by sharing their work with their classmates. Our next unit we will work on Wow story events and write about a exciting time to create a story with a clear beginning middle and end.

Here students celebrate their writing by sharing with each other what they wrote.

In reading we are finishing up our first unit where students have been working on choosing books not just on their level but books they love and want to read . Our goal is not the level but being able to read all books and love books. We have been working on partner reading and asking questions to each other about books they love.


Here O and M discuss a book together. The post its help learners find the pages they want to discuss quicker which leads to longer conversations.

We also went on our first field trip this week to the Queens Botanical Garden. Students explored and learned about leaves, trees and bees. They completed the trip by making a fall leaf picture with the leaves they collectd, special paper and were then able to take them home and also go back to the classroom and add another project to the art center.

In choice time students are still working with the walking sticks. They have started to explore other insects that look like walking sticks. We will begin a study soon on being healthy and this will branch out into cooking, writing and also exploring parts of being healthy. This will include, jobs about health, foods, and even activities that keep us healthy. We will be joining a second grade class once a week to join together to start an in-depth study.


This week we have Alley Pond coming to teach the students about animals and insects. We will also work on tying shoes and making sure we continue to work on becoming more and more independent.

Our classroom community

This week in class we discussed feelings and how to tell the difference between reporting and solving problems on our own. Students listened to the book of the month book In My Heart and we discussed different feelings and emotions. We have also discussed personality traits to help us finish up our first writing unit in which students wrote all about themselves. In word study we are working on sound boxes and stretching out sounds across words to help with spelling. We are also focusing on at patterns in our words.

In our reading we have been working on strategies to help us You can also work on these at home.

  • Reread to make sure it sounds smooth.
  • Look at the pictures if you get stuck.
  • Use the beginning letter sound to help figure out tricky words.
  • Point under the words.
  • Chooses books you love to read and read with a strong voice.

In writing we are finishing up our unit by making covers. We worked on basic sentences this unit and focused on strategies to help us. We worked on learning about that sentences start with a capital and end with a period. We worked on wow words and we also worked on making sure we are labeling our pictures and making sure we keep adding to the pictures to make our work look realistic We have been working on adding facial features.

In math we have been working on making number combinations with the number 8. Starting with 8 on the top and 0 on the bottom. 7 on the top and 1 on the bottom and then 6 and 2 and 5 and 3 and 4 and 4 and then 3 and 5 and 2 and  6 and continuing on to make all the ways to get to 8. We will be moving on to working on combinations of 10.

Here are ways to practice at home

  • 8+0=8
  • 7+1=8
  • 6+2=8
  • 5+3=8
  • 4+4=8
  • 3+5=8
  • 2+6=8
  • 1+7=8
  • 0+8=8

In choice time we have been working on making play dough and also having the students do more on their own. We even had another parent come in to help out and we added more materials to our light center and blocks. Students have also been really excited about our walking sticks and we are still working on sending them home to take care of them and we will be continuing to look and observe more animals.

Here are some photos from our class. Have a great week and don’t forget to check our updated section on important dates coming up.

New Centers, and New learning

This week we continued to work on routines and rules and we started to learn even more about each other. In our morning meeting we have begun to learn how to say good morning in many different languages and we are greeting each other at the door with a hug, a elbow or a dance. With this the students are feeling welcome into the classroom and learning to feel more comfortable with their classmates too. At home you can ask them to say good morning to you in another language.

We also finished our book shades of us and completed our portraits for our art wall. We discussed how we are all really just shades of each other and when mixed it makes a beautiful classroom community.


This week in word work we received our notebooks and focused on learning how to use our shared reading poems to put in our poetry notebooks which are a reading material for students to read during reading workshop. We also focused in on names and recognizing how to put them in alphabetical order and also we focused in on beginning sounds and syllables to help us break things down to spell by using sounds we hear and know.

The chart with the names will help students with their writing . We read the book Be kind and discussed all the ways to be kind. We worked on logical consequences :

  1. you break something you fix it.
  2. if you make a mistake say your sorry.
  3. if you do not do your work then you will have to finish during other fun activities.
  4. We also have been working on ways to be calm and practice daily yoga and mindfulness activities. At home you can ask your child to share these with you .
  5. IMG_1777.jpg

In writing this week we read the book I like Me. Students have started to create thinking maps to describe what they like, and have. They also are writing about their families and things they like. This week we will work on taking what they put down in the maps into sentences with a focus on capitals, spaces and periods and attention to details in their pictures and sentences.

In math we continued to explore the math tools we will use this year and played counting to 20 which will be in their homework this week. We used the reckon wrack to make combinations of 5 and 10. We will be moving into starting story problems and working on combinations of 8 and 10’s and looking for patterns to help us with addition.

In choice time we were introduced to a new pet in the classroom. We now not only have fish and snails but also walking stick insects. Students were really excited and have begun to create wondering post’s and also work on studying them. We also introduced the doll house center and puzzle center too.  We also added in books to have students make books in the writing center.

We also have a student observer who will be helping us out a few days a week too.


walking sticks student c is observing and thinking of wonderings.

We also have been going out to recess more and students were able to use the sand and blocks this way. They even were able to see that one of our trees have grown some apples. IMG_1813

In reading students have been working on the routines of reading workshop and with the donations from Donors Choose they are able to choose comfy reading spots. They also had the chance to book shop and the focus this year will be on having the students pick out books they love to read and less on the levels. With the books they chose they will be able to enjoy reading more and become readers who love reading. They went book shopping and chose their favorites. When we meet in guided reading groups we will work on their levels to help them with skills and strategies.

Also this year we will be studying all types of authors and books and this month it is Spanish Heritage month until October 15. We will be reading more books that have authors who are hispanic and this will also help students to be able to find these authors in the library and also understand that they too could be an author one day. We are also working on making sure students can see themselves in these books. One book we will read this week will be the following. IMG_1804 (1).png

As we go through the year we will be able to have a collection of authors from all cultures.

We will also get homework this week. It will not be a lot but the warm weather I encourage your children to get outside and play and even read outside. Don’t forget there is no school next Monday and Tuesday and Raz kids will be sent home this week. Have a great week.

Our First Week in First

Coming back to school can be an exciting and nervous experience for learners. After finishing our first full week together the class is learning how to create a respectful community and learning environment for the school year. The first few days have been all about setting up a positive community and learning environment. We have gotten to learn a little about each other and where we are from as well as who is special in our lives and families. We will continue to learn more about each other the rest of September.  Learners are starting to feel comfortable with their environment as they get into the routines and habits established in our learning community. I was super nervous and so excited to meet everyone and have found the first full week to be a great experience. Students are able to say names, follow directions and have established rules for the school year. They chose as a class to create the following rules for our learning environment this school year.

  • Be kind and safe.( includes being nice, helpful and no running pushing or hitting.)
  • Be respectful.(listen to the teachers, and each other and also help out others.)
  • Try our best! ( work hard and if your not there YET you will get there )
  • Take care of our classroom and school community. ( clean up after ourselves and make sure we take care of materials and things we use, and recycle materials .)

Since there is not homework you can go over these with your child and discuss how they can do the same things at home.

Photos from choice time centers we opened this week. Choice time helps students with Discussion, problem solving, helping and learning and feeling a sense of independence and creativity. 

We established other routines and rules throughout the day and have been learning about flexible working seats and what reading, math and writing workshop will be like this school year. We have explored materials as crayons, colored pencils, markers, and pens and we also discussed in an art lesson the shades of colors we are and that we all matter and are important in our school community. In our read alouds we are focusing on books for social justice and also community. We are discussing how families are different, and have read books on kindness, welcoming all and how to solve problems or voice our thoughts when we see something not ok. We have also discussed what good friend do.

  • Good friends help each other and ask are you ok if they are sad?
  • Good friends tell each other to stop if they don’t like something and to treat others how they want to be treated. 
  • Good friends ask do you want to play?
  • Good friends respect each other.

You can also discuss this at home.

Exploring math tools for the year and discussing how and for what we will use them for.

We also worked on math routines and counting and we had a chance to have music, science and LTM> We also spent time exploring books and talking about books we love and what types of readers and writers we want to be. We also opened up choice time and learned to use paper in art, water color paints, blocks, light table, science and we even made playdough. Below are photos from the week.

These are photos from choice time this week.


Exploring books this week.

This week we will continue to work on routines and start to write on our own, find reading spots and use the reading block to read on our own. We will also work on finding books we love to read and open more literacy centers, work with sounds and words we know as well as learn how to use the classroom to help us spell. In math we will continue to work on using tools for the year and learn how to play a math game. Have a great week ahead and I will update again soon.

Final Month

There has been a lot of exciting work and learning going on over the past few weeks. Students have grown so much this year and they are doing such great things in the classroom. We are still studying our snails and we also are still working with the hair salon. Students have begun to have conversations about what is happening next school year and they have started to make a friendship center. Students have been working on making different friendship bracelets for their friends and also bead bracelets.


Students have been working on this type of friendship bracelet. Another area we have been working on for choice time is sewing. Students learned many stitches and now are able to make things on their own.


We also have had two field trips and two shows in the past few weeks. Students saw a magic show the other day and they were also able to see a puppet show , a singing show and a play. IMG_8797

This unit in reading we are finishing up with poetry and in writing we looked at writing for many purposes and students learned how to write persuasive letters, friendly letters, cards and signs for a persuasive purpose. The focus was on playground safety and also making the classroom cleaner.

Students also had a exercise for books for health and nutrition week. They had to do ten of each exercise given by the teachers to get a book.


In math we have started to end things but are finishing up with sorting with many categories as texture, other ways besides color and shape and size, design and other ways created by the students. We also are working on harder problem stories, money and time.

Students used the buttons after we worked with seashells.

Happy EID to the families that are celebrating. Make sure to look at the important dates to remember what we have for the rest of the school year. Thanks so much!

Realistic Fiction, and Hair

This week in class we finished up our writing unit which was Realistic Fiction. Students started the unit by making up their own character that was the same age as them and then created a problem that could really happen followed with a solution. They shared their stories with their classmates and other teachers on Friday to celebrate the work that they have been doing. They focused in a lot on editing and also on creating real life stories with made up characters. In their studio program they also have been creating their characters with paper an ink to go along with their stories. \

In the pictures you can see the students sharing their stories and also the work that was done.

In math students have been working on organizing and collecting data in the classroom . They have been working on organizing groups into tens and then taking the tens and making them into groups of five. Example if I have 20 blocks in a bag that is equal to two groups of ten and then five groups of four. We are also focusing in on continuing to break down numbers and looking for the tens in the numbers. We will continue this through this week. We also look at the number 23 and discuss their are 2 groups of 10 and 3 ones to make the number 23.

In studio this week students worked on print making to help them get ready to add details and prints to their people next week.

IMG_8370 (1)

In class on Friday we had T’s mom come and teach the class about Ramadan and the students learned about the holiday and how it is celebrated. T’s family members including his brother and sisters came to talk about the holiday too.


This week in choice time students have become interested in hair colors and also types of hair styles. They noticed teachers have different color hair and different styles and textures. They have started to create surveys and even had teachers, themselves and the principal come in to their hair salon to try out the color station we have started.

This study will continue with more research on how salons are set up  a possible salon visit and the continuation of how salons use math and technology. Students will continue to set this up and practice.

In word study we are still working on blends, and also the silent e at the end of words. we are working on syllables and contractions and in editing sentences.

Have a great week !

Measurement, Studio, and Trips

This week in math we finished up our measurement unit, by figuring out how to use cuisenaire rods to make a fence. Each white square is 1 cm. Students needed to take different color rods and figure out how to build a fence with an orange rod. The orange rod is 10 cm. With that they used a yellow rod which is five and added to it another yellow rod to create the same length for a fence. They used the rods to create different combinations to build a fence with the same length but used different colors to create the same length. We will start our organizing and collecting unit this week. IMG_7793

In the photo you can see a learner measuring different rods to create a fence.

In writing we have been working on characters and realistic fiction stories. In our studio art program students have been working on making their characters in art to go along with their realistic fiction story characters. They finished the heads this week and after the break they will be working on the bodies.

In reading and choice time we are working with kindergarten students in Miss. K’s class. During reading students have been working on opinion reading and discussions. In choice time our love of taking things apart have emerged into a new study on robots and making robots in the classroom. Miss Tashina has also been joining us with two second grade students to do sewing in choice time. Students will work on this again to learn how to make things with sewing.





This week we also took a trip to the Queens Botanical Garden. On the trip students learned all about plants and how we eat so many plants everyday. They learned about the flowers and plants at the garden, and they also were able to plant their own vegetables and try different plants.

Have a great week!

Nonfiction writing, new centers and partner reading.

We just celebrated our nonfiction writing unit by sharing out with each other what we wrote and we discussed all the great things we noticed and also how we can help each other work on different strategies to help us as we move forward into our realistic fiction unit.

Here are samples of the students non -fiction work, from the written work to the titles and cover pages and table of contents.

We will now move into realistic fiction in our upcoming writing unit.

In choice time students have now moved into using paper mache, and the take apart center. They also have been working on using more art materials to add details based upon the

Here you can see the students working on adding in lines, and details to help them work on their drawing.

Here you can see students studying parts of machines and learning how to take out the pieces and think about how machines work and what makes machines work. IMG_7644

Here you can see students setting up the computer to continue to work on it tomorrow to learn more about parts and machines.

Here you see students working on taking apart a keyboard and discussing what is inside of it. With the parts we are not sure what will come next, but a possible study on robots.

Also in class we launched our measurement unit, in which students will be working on using different types of measuring tools to look at accurate measurements, distance, meters, centimeters and also how to figure out how to build a fence with different standard tools used to measure.

Students are working on measuring with their feet, cubes and also rulers.

We also started buddy reading with Miss. K’s class. We are going to continue to work in K to help the younger learners read with helping them out.

Here you can see photos from buddy reading.